Odor Remediation

Cigarette smoke, Mould, Animals, Musty upholstery, Laundry, Sweat, Body odors, Mildew, Pets, Damp carpet, Rubbish, Oil paints, Bleach, Deep fat fryers, Food waste, Bacteria, Sport shoes, And more…

Whatever your odor problem, we can solve it. Diffusing one of the Emotec solutions with Emoliquids’ patented cold-air diffusion units you naturally break down bad odors without the use of harsh chemicals or irritating solvents.

Emotec doesn’t cover up any odors; it breaks them down naturally and neutralizes the air. This makes Emotec the perfect solution for fitness centres, hotels, casinos and nightclubs. Choose from either Emotec, Emotec Strong or Emotec Fresh (with a hint of Guava/Cucumber).

Car Showrooms
Fitness - Spa

Possibilities are endless

Of the five senses that we possess, the last two – the chemical senses: taste and smell – are the most deep-rooted in our experiential world and psyche and, at the same time, the least understood.

With the exception of the sensations of sweet, sour, bitter, salty, umami (savoury) – sensations which originate on the surface of the tongue – taste involves smelling through the back of the throat and, like the sense of smell, makes the connection through the nose and on to the most primitive parts of the brain via the olfactory epithelium.

The resulting unique “hard-wiring” of these senses in humans leads to the “transporting” of our psyche to times and places long ago, with layers of memories both rich and full suddenly “revived” in such real and vivid detail that it is as if we had been transported instantly and magically back to that precise time.




Different Odors