Our methology

Our Ambient scenting solutions are always tailor made.

Together with you we will create a unique & complete experience for your customers.


Our Ambient scenting solutions require a full understanding of the shoppingproces of your visitors, after our shop visit and our impression of your store we organize a “Fragrance Tasting” at your store our at our showroom.

During the Fragrance Tasting we determine the Fragrance of your shop and the scent device that will satisfy your needs.

  • Our expertise and experience across a variety of applications, combined with our understanding of client objectives and brand strategies, results in us creating the perfectly scented environment for our clients and their customers, as well as enhancing our clients’ brands and public awareness through the sense of smell.
  • Our ‘’state of the art’’ scent diffusion systems are attractive and affordable and are highly effective in scenting public and private areas with our high quality scents and fragrances

Why work with us? In short, because we know it’s not about us. It’s about you.

  • We work with the best patented technologies and the finest, highest quality fragrances.
  • We work hard to be innovative and original.
  • We are committed to research and development and always strive to improve our products.
  • We know how you can be different from your competitors.